What a fortuitous time for you to make a visit to check the windows on my house as according to your statement, it has been 5 years since they were replaced as part of the selling feature on the house in preparation for sale of the property. I was pleased to see that the windows were solid and in excellent condition.

However, I was alarmed when I saw the cracks, missing stucco, warped wood and deterioration on all the walls and garage during our inspection of the house and garage. I purchased the house and property 5 years ago and never, ever entertained the thought I would have these kinds and numbers of repairs so soon after my purchase of the house.

Fortunately, you made it easier for me when you explained all the details on the process that would address these issues, and you answered my questions until I was comfortable with committing to a contract of repairs and applying the Texcote CoolWall System.

The men who worked on the repairs were absolutely outstanding. They addressed each issue until the workmanship was perfect. The Texcote CoolWall System was used and I have no doubts that I will never have to repeat this process on this house. I am pleased to say, this experience surpassed my expectations on the workmanship, the product, and the overall result.

May I just say, “The smile on my face is nowhere close to the smile on my home.”

— Teresa Carol Becker

My wife and I recently had our retirement house coated by VDI with COOLWALL Primer and COOLWALL Supercoating. We were very pleased by the professional, careful, and respectful work done by the entire crew. A three-part procedure included power washing of the stucco and woodwork, application of a heavy primer sealing the stucco, woodwork and concrete footings, and finally covering the primed areas with a thick, waterproof and beautiful color coat.

First, let us say a word about the coating products that were used because they are a significant enhancement over the paints that are typically used on stucco and wood trim. The primer (COOLWALL Primer) contains silica (glass powder from recycled glass and other forms of crystalline silica) bound together with acrylic resins. The color coat (COOLWALL Supercoat) contains synthetic silica and is bound together with a product similar to Teflon. The result is a dense, waterproof, fade-proof coating that is quite a contrast with the water-based commercial paints commonly applied when houses are painted.

In summary, even though our house is a retirement home, we are confident that the new coating will last for years to come, will be waterproof, the house will be cooler, and that the colors will not fade. As warranted, COOLWALL coatings are a permanent solution, not a temporary fix that will have to be redone in the matter of a few years. We are pleased to recommend this company and their products to people who would like to have their houses sealed, watertight, and looking beautiful for years into the future.

— Richard & Sue Ames

I am writing this letter in appreciation of services/work provided by VDI. The process of interviewing VDI, scheduling work, monitoring work progress, and inspecting completed work was professional and pleasant.

The application of TexCote COOLWALL was performed flawlessly. They power washed the house, replaced any bad wood, repaired/sealed stucco that needed it, sealed all joints/crevices with caulk, sprayed primer/sealer on entire house, and then coated the house with TexCote. The house was painted to my satisfaction and is not just painted, but sealed from the elements.

The next project was the application of stone to the front yard pillars. The stone installed matches the stone on the house. The faux stone pillars look great!

The front porch was esentially replaced. The new TREX Deck and iron hand rails look fantastic. The backyard second story patio was rebuilt/replaced. New TREX Deck and iron hand railings were installe dand it looks clean and sharp.

I could not be happier with the results. You ensured everything was done properly and to my liking. Mike Larso was professional and cared about the quality of his work. The VDI employees that performed the work took the time to ensure I was happy with their work. When I work with VDI in the future, it will be becuase of employees like Mike.

I am pleased with the completed work. VDI is a refreshing change.

— Edward Hidalgo

We are writing to let you know how pleased we are with the TexCote COOLWALL system on our home. The quality of the product, the hands-on service you provided, and the meticulous craftsmanship of the crew resulted in the excellence you promised and we expected.

We researched the product online and talked to a family member who is the vice president of a large construction company in Sacramento. We could not find any negative information about the quality or integrity of the TexCote COOLWALL system, which is unusual for any product.

We take great pride in our home, and we are very glad you approached us to have the opportunity to give us your presentation. Not only did we appreciate that you educated us about the product, it really helped that you showed us homes painted with TexCote COOLWALL in our area, especially those completed three or more years ago. Although we hadn’t planned on spending this amount to paint our house, we understood the value and protection this would add to our home.

We are thrilled with the result! The crew was highly professional and took great care to complete the job perfectly. We are also very happy to know hat our house will look freshly painted year from now and will be protected from cracking, sun, and rain. Thank you again for your excellent service.

— Beth Ashley & Mike Moe

My house was in need of painting when a cordial gentleman rang my doorbell, expressing the same view point and recommending a system by the name of TexCote COOLWALL to alleviate the need of cracks and brittle paint issues. In addition, this approach would provide coolness in summer, warmth in winter and would not require additional painting in the future.

I was impressed with the material demonstration until the conversation turned to the bottom line: the price estimate, which I felt was quite high. Meanwhile I was shown homes in our community where the TexCote COOLWALL system had been applied, and I was favorably impressed. Needless to say, I went with the suggested recommendation.

To conclude, I was very pleased with the appearance of my paint job and the professionalism of the painters, who also took great care to prevent damage to my plants. Almost at the same time, a friend in the community had her house painted by a residential painter and I could not believe the difference in quality and accuracy of my paint job in comparison.

All in all, regardless of cost, I am satisfied and content with my choice which I could truly recommend to other homeowners in the Sun City community.

— Marlies Beck

We want you to know how pleased we are with the services recently provided to us by Vinyl Designs. The speed and skill of your workmen was impressive. Our home has never looked better and it is comforting to know that our house is well protected for many years to come.

All of the work was completed with very minimal inconvenience to us. Your crew accomplished everything you promised in a courteous and efficient manner. The color and protective coating on our home is attractive and sturdy. Landscaping and walks were completely protected throughout the project.

We would strongly recommend your services and your product to anyone wishing to improve and beautify their property.

— Phyllis Frew

I congratulate your team who textured my house [with TexCote COOLWALL coating]. Each time I drive into my garage I am amazed at how beautiful it looks. Thanks to all of you for your work.

— Shirley Carl

My wife and I would like to express our 100% satisfaction with the painting of the exterior of our home. Oleg and his crew were very professional and meticulous in their work. The crew paid careful attention to detail in the preparation and painting of our home.

Oleg kept us updated on what was going to be done each day on our home. On one day he was detained, and we received a phone call from him advising us of that fact. When the job was done, we did a walk-around and did not see anything that needed to be touched up or that the crew had missed.

All aspects of what Dave had told us during his selling presentation was indeed performed as promised. Our home looks great and we know it will maintain its new look for years to come. We highly recommend this VDI home painting to anyone that wants to get a great paint job that may last forever.

— Armando & Andrea Mayorga

I was contacted by Mr. Vanni of VDI concerning the application of TexCote’s COOLWALL exterior coating to the outside of my home. Mr. Vanni showed me where my stucco exterior was showing wear due to the type of stucco application my home was built with and the effects of ultraviolet light degradation and rain water intrusion. He demonstrated how TexCote COOLWALL coating could protect my home in ways that “paint” was not and would do so for as long as I owned my home thus eliminating this ongoing concern and expense.

Mr. Vanni showed me many completed projects in my neighborhood and it was clear to me that this new coating was much more than your normal paint job. Obviously, the cost was also more than a paint job. Because I was not completely versed on this product, I had no way of knowing if the cost of the project quoted was a good value or not. Therefore, I researched the product and became aware that Costco also offered this product. I therefore gave them a call to also give me an estimate for the same work. To my surprise, Costco’s estimate was considerably higher than the one given to my by Mr. Vanni and VDI. The representative from Costco stated after I showed him VDI’s estimate that “there is no way I could come close to that price.” I therefore entered into a contract with VDI.

Due to the difference in quotes, I was very diligent in making sure VDI did not cut any corners on my project. Again I was pleasantly surprised. VDI’s crew was very professional. They completed every aspect of the 10 step preparation and installation of the TexCote COOLWALL products just as Mr. Vanni had explained to me. The were neat, clean, and completely thorough. Mr. Vanni was there every step of the way making sure I knew exactly what was happening and when. My home is beautiful and I could not be more satisfied.

— Jack Stuyvesant

We LOVE the windows! They are amazing! The installation went flawlessly and we are totally happy! Alex is crazy efficient and worked smoothly & quickly! It was definitely awesome to see some of the new windows with their amazing clarity next to our old windows and the amount of hard water spots and just years of weather on them – huge difference! In fact, I had to ask Alex if he even had a window in one of the spots because I could not tell, the glass was so clear!

— Chris & Sheri Joyce

These guys were great! Worked quickly, good teamwork. They were in and out in just over 4 hours and installed 12 windows. Can’t tell they were even here – other than seeing the new windows. This is our 3rd window installation with Vinyl Designs, and we are still very happy with the products and installation.

— Mr. & Mrs. Barthel

As I’m sure you recall, you, as a representative of your company, approached us in October of last year about having our Lincoln Hills home painted with your TexCote COOLWALL product. You were very thorough in pointing out the mildew and cracks in stucco which we really hadn’t noticed before. You were instrumental in helping us to choose the color scheme and took care of having our proposed paint job approved by the Association. As soon as the approval was secured, your crew showed up as scheduled and was in and out of here in just a few days. The finished product is beautiful, and we are very happy with the result.

We expect to see more TexCote COOLWALL homes here in Lincoln Hills and would welcome speaking to any prospective customers or having them stop by to see the result first hand.

We enjoyed working with you and getting to know you!

— Mr. & Mrs. Lynch

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leadership and help with my recent home improvement project. Your management of this project greatly increased both my confidence in your company and my satisfaction with the results. You made sure I was well aware of the work activities and schedule. You carefully explained what work would be done so that I knew exactly what to expect. You were fully involved in each step in the process and personally ensured that the work was completed in accordance with Vinyl Designs high workmanship and quality standards. The Texcote COOLWALL System has enhanced both the energy efficiency and appearance of my home. From the complements that I receive, I am sure it looks better now than it did when it was new. Between the new triple paned windows (also installed by Vinyl Designs) and the COOLWALL, I have already experienced a significant reduction in my energy costs as well as a more comfortable home environment. I would gladly recommend both Vinyl Designs and the Texcote COOLWALL System to anyone who is interested in realizing energy cost savings and enhancing the beauty of their home.

— Christine Ridge

We want to express our appreciation to you and your team for creating the beautiful “new” looks on our home. We knew we needed to do something to the front part of the structure. We are so pleased with the final result! When we scheduled the work to be done, we had no idea we would be experiencing rain in the middle of our project. You suggested and followed through by starting one day early due to the forecast of and yes, lighting, and thunder and rain storm in the middle of the work days. We were impressed with a number of items. When the team arrived, each one knew his assignment and immediately proceeded to work on their specific tasks. They were efficient and did not waste any time. It was interesting to watch all their preparation. It was truly a “team working together” effort. All lighting fixtures and hardware were removed so the entire wood surface could be painted. The fixtures were properly re-attached. All the windows were covered with plastic. Paper was taped in place around all concrete and wood next to areas to be painted. The sprinkler pipe and head at the corner of the garage and walkway up to the front door were even painted to match the house. We asked to have one of our downspouts to be replaced. One was installed properly, caulked and painted to match the house. Dave (independent salesman), you really made my day when we asked if you had someone who knew how to make our weather vane vertical. It was installed several years ago and was never straight. I’m so tickled about how it looks now. Thank you so much! We appreciate the walk through. You pointed out several items for adjustment and we even added some additional ones. Everything was touched up. We continue to admire the work each time we look at it. Some neighbors and a couple of walkers have commented on how nice the house looks. Even a bicycle rider going by one evening yelled to us, “It looks good!” We thank you and Vinyl Designs for all your efforts on our behalf. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

— Robert & Sharon Watanabe

Just a note to tell you how very pleased I am with the new COOLWALL coating on my home. Your workmen were exceptional; taking such care with the power wash down and making the necessary repairs before starting the COOLWALL coating. After the project was finished they put the potted plants and patio furniture back in place and left everything very neat and tidy. They accomplished all this in four days, just remarkable I commend them for an excellent job and great teamwork!

— Peggy Towne

Knowing what I usually experience in today’s business environment, two extraordinary things happened during our 1-Step House Painting Project:

  1. The painting team demonstrated a high degree of pride in their work. Very professional human beings.
  2. The Vinyl Designs, Inc. entire team delivered far more than they promised!

This kind of effort is so unusual in today’s sales and performance marketplace, that I felt motivated enough to write a personal letter to commend and applaud the team that represents your company.

— Mr. & Mrs. Erickson

Today marks the end of a remarkable experience: the excellent painting of the exterior of my home. The father/son teammates of Jose and Jose Curiel were knowledgeable and diligent, and my reward from them is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I very much appreciate all they did, just as I am grateful for the guidance and assistance I received from Kent Tsang. I thank all of your company for the high quality of the materials that were used.

— James McMurray

I was very wary of allowing a salesperson into my home as I had a very negative experience with a window company three years ago. The salesperson from Vinyl Designs who came to my home was courteous and knowledgeable and did not waste my time, but answered all my questions and showed me exactly the product I wanted. The pre-site person worked quickly, was friendly, and explained all the papers I was signing. I cannot say enough good things about the installers, Steve and Mike. They arrived on time, introduced themselves, and got to work. They were polite and well-mannered and professional. They did a wonderful job of installing the windows. They left my home cleaner than when they got there. My old patio door seemed to be difficult to remove, but they worked together to get the job done right, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the windows. They are beautiful! I would highly recommend both Vinyl Designs and the wonderful young men who installed my beautiful new windows. Thank you!

— Teresa Navarro

After having about five different window quotes and being very frustrated with the whole situation, Chuck was a very big help to my final decision. The installers came at the designated times and called ahead. They were efficient, cleaned up after installation, and never stopped for lunch or a drink. I asked if they wanted soup or anything when I was making my own lunch and they politely said no, they had lunch in the truck. They never stopped to eat it though.

I am thoroughly pleased with my association with your company and commend you on the people you employ. I hope these men are recognized for their courtesy and customer service. They certainly represent your company in a first class manner.

Three people have since asked me about my windows and I have recommended you very highly and without reservations of any kind.

Thank you for helping my home look more beautiful.

— Patricia Valentine

We are writing to thank your company for the excellent job your window installers did. The windows look great and your employees did a good job cleaning up the area after each installation. We are well pleased. Just in the short time period since installation, we can see a difference in sound reduction from traffic noise and potential lowering of heating and cooling bills. We would be pleased to recommend your company and its products to others. Thank you very much.

— Joseph & LaRena Hannon

Our new windows are in and what a difference it has made in the house. Most important, no window washing for a while. All kidding aside, they are absolutely beautiful!

Sergey and his co-worker were great people. We could not get over the speed with which they worked. There was not a wasted movement and those windows were finished in no time at all. They arrived around 9:00 AM and by 2:00 PM they were finished. They left everything in excellent shape and Sergey will be back to hang up the new blinds when they arrive. Unfortunately, we are unable to do that kind of work anymore. At our ages (81 and 83), we don’t climb ladders.

We have noticed how quiet it is around here now. We used to hear our sprinklers but now we don’t even know they are on. Also, our neighbors have some barking dogs which at times can get on our nerves but even that seems a lot lower in volume now.

Once again, we want you to know how much we appreciated the work Sergey and his co-worker did and we would highly recommend them to anyone. They are very wonderful people.

Thanks again for the beautiful new windows-we did not realize just what a difference they would make.

— Charles & Adelaide Davis

Words cannot express how appreciative I am that you have come into my life. Not only do I have great new windows, but I also have a new friend. The whole process from setting an appointment with you until the installers were finished was one of the best business dealings I have ever had. I just love my new windows. They are so beautiful, they keep my house warmer, and much quieter, and I can keep my drapes open without being embarrassed. My son sleeps with his window open every night and just loves it. I just can’t thank you enough.

— Alicia Pennington Daniels

Recently we had windows installed by Vinyl Designs. We had 8 low-e windows and 2 low-e sliding glass doors put in our home. We were impressed with the professionalism of the people we dealt with. The construction of the Amerimax windows and the installation process were carefully discussed with us. We have been very pleased with the look of the windows on the exterior and interior of the house. We really like the double locks on all windows. The work area was cleaned up and the windows cleaned before the installers left. Overall we are extremely happy with the process and are very satisfied with the windows and doors. We highly recommend Vinyl Designs and Amerimax windows.

— Jytte & Frank Blakeman

We recently had some double-paned windows installed at our home and would like to take this opportunity to comment on how much we like them. They are very attractive and look very nice with or without blinds or drapes over them. We feel the price was very reasonable as this will save us quite a bit of money in our heating and air conditioning bills from here on out. The work was done in a very professional and courteous manner and in a relatively quick period of time. We would highly recommend these products to anyone wishing to save money on their utility bills.

— Dick Hill

We’ve had our windows a couple of months now experiencing the last remnants of summer and a little bit of what winter is going to bring us and I can say without reservation that our new windows are one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Our level of comfort has increased for sound-deadening, temperature and aesthetics. It really is amazing how much they add to our home. Not only are the Amerimax windows a fantastic product, but your team was wonderful to work with. Mark and Brent were patient and thorough in their description of the products available and guided us toward the windows that fit our desired characteristics. The young man who came out to measure my windows for fit was very helpful and suggested a way of doing the job that greatly benefited the whole process. Rod and his excellent crew of Michael and Steven were competent craftsmen that I would feel comfortable with them doing just about any job in my home. The team back at your office always made sure that everything was going according to plan. What a team! I would recommend your team and the Amerimax product to my friends and neighbors. Thank you.

— Jay Guettler