VDI Installs Patio Covers for Homeowners in the Auburn, CA, Area

patio-covers-elk-grove-caPatio covers can significantly enhance how you use your Auburn, California, home’s outdoor living space and the degree of comfort you experience. Rather than being vulnerable to harsh UV rays or occasional downpours, a patio cover will allow you to continue enjoying your time outside on your own terms, without being at the mercy of the whims of Mother Nature. At VDI, we can provide you with a top-of-the-line patio cover that will look beautiful and safeguard you from the elements, allowing you to enjoy more time outside rain or shine.

The patio covers that we provide are expertly crafted out of weatherwood aluminum, which has the appearance of a painted wood cover but will not warp, chip, flake, blister, crack, fade, or rot over time, unlike real wood products. These patio covers also have a heat- and corrosion-resistant finish that is low maintenance and easy to clean, so you can count on your cover looking like new for decades into the future without much work required on your part.

There are many additional reasons why our patio covers are the best choice for your home in the Auburn, CA, area, including that they:

  • Are available in four distinctive styles and eight classic colors, so there are a wide variety of design options for you to choose from
  • Are impact resistant and can withstand winds up to 130 MPH and seismic activity up to Category D
  • Have an insulated roof option that will allow you to walk on the roof and turn the area below into an enclosed room

For additional information about the patio covers that we offer to homeowners in the Auburn, California, area, contact the knowledgeable professionals at VDI today.