Richard & Sue Ames

My wife and I recently had our retirement house coated by VDI with COOLWALL Primer and COOLWALL Supercoating. We were very pleased by the professional, careful, and respectful work done by the entire crew. A three-part procedure included power washing of the stucco and woodwork, application of a heavy primer sealing the stucco, woodwork and concrete footings, and finally covering the primed areas with a thick, waterproof and beautiful color coat.

First, let us say a word about the coating products that were used because they are a significant enhancement over the paints that are typically used on stucco and wood trim. The primer (COOLWALL Primer) contains silica (glass powder from recycled glass and other forms of crystalline silica) bound together with acrylic resins. The color coat (COOLWALL Supercoat) contains synthetic silica and is bound together with a product similar to Teflon. The result is a dense, waterproof, fade-proof coating that is quite a contrast with the water-based commercial paints commonly applied when houses are painted.

In summary, even though our house is a retirement home, we are confident that the new coating will last for years to come, will be waterproof, the house will be cooler, and that the colors will not fade. As warranted, COOLWALL coatings are a permanent solution, not a temporary fix that will have to be redone in the matter of a few years. We are pleased to recommend this company and their products to people who would like to have their houses sealed, watertight, and looking beautiful for years into the future.