Marlies Beck

My house was in need of painting when a cordial gentleman rang my doorbell, expressing the same view point and recommending a system by the name of TexCote COOLWALL to alleviate the need of cracks and brittle paint issues. In addition, this approach would provide coolness in summer, warmth in winter and would not require additional painting in the future.

I was impressed with the material demonstration until the conversation turned to the bottom line: the price estimate, which I felt was quite high. Meanwhile I was shown homes in our community where the TexCote COOLWALL system had been applied, and I was favorably impressed. Needless to say, I went with the suggested recommendation.

To conclude, I was very pleased with the appearance of my paint job and the professionalism of the painters, who also took great care to prevent damage to my plants. Almost at the same time, a friend in the community had her house painted by a residential painter and I could not believe the difference in quality and accuracy of my paint job in comparison.

All in all, regardless of cost, I am satisfied and content with my choice which I could truly recommend to other homeowners in the Sun City community.